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Words of Emotion

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ateaki- This </3

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IG: @jasminecristine

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permanently stuck between  ”i really want to talk to you” and “i don’t want to annoy you”

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Wonderwall: "Talking" Phase



I miss the “talking” phase.

You know, that first moment when you begin a conversation with someone you like & surprisingly it isn’t a short one. When the conversation leads to “Oh my gosh, it’s already 4am!” yet neither of you want to end it just yet….

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It is impossible to not reblog this…

this is so perfect.

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I want a guy like this… Who’ll hug me like this when I’m upset.. :(

this is my favourite gif ever

just had to repost this again, today i had a bad day, i was crying and my bf comforted me like that <3

literally gonna go cry

fuck my life

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You will get tired of me one day.


You will get tired of me, I’m sure of it. Once that day comes, you’ll just leave like the rest. I will always remember the day you once loved me like no one else, the day you told me every little feelings you had for me, the day you told me, “I love you.” You will get so used to me; seeing me without make up, acting weird, watching tv, being bored together & etc. You will once start to feel like I’m getting to old in your world.. but just let me know a head of time that you will be leaving so I can spend as much time with you.

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do you ever get pissed at someone for something they did and the anger goes away after a short period and you try to force yourself to stay angry because you feel you werent mad for long enough 

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